Instant Infusion

Inject some flavor with the Fruition Infuser Water Bottle, the BPA free bottle that makes fruit infused water and tea instantly! Our patented base lets you squeeze the juices out of your fruit as opposed to waiting hours for the flavors to transfer.

Fruition comes with a silicone sleeve that provides insulation and is safe to use with hot beverages as well. Just add your favorite tea bags or leaves with fruit and create a refreshing fruit infused tea


Discover the endless flavor possibilities

Fill the Infusion Basket with some of your favorite fruits, teas or spices. Pour in some water or your favorite beverage. Our bottles are made from high quality BPA-free Tritan™ so they are safe for hot or cold liquids.


Create your own infusion recipes

Fruition puts full flavor control in your hands. Head on over to our recipes page to try some of our favorite flavor combinations or use them as inspiration to create your own!

Check out our favorite infusion recipes